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UNI-Nigeria puts its youth structure in place. This is in line with UNI-Global and UNI-Africa call to integrate young workers into union activities, in order to prepare them to assume postions of responsibilities.

This will generate proper articulation, projection and implementation  of issues and programmes that  promote their interest and development.

Hence, executives of UNI-Nigeria Youth Wing was formed after a 2-day workshop which brought together youth from different affiliates of UNI Global in Nigeria. There, the importance of youth structure in place was emphasized and issue such as child labour and HIV Aids were discussed and how the youth can contribute its quota to reduce the spread of HIV virus and discourage the number child labourers in our society.

The President of group emerged from SSA-NIPOST after a peaceful election while ASSIBIFI and NUPPPROW produced the 1st and the 2nd Vice Presidents respectively.

This youth committee has been up and down, familiarising themselves with UNI activities world wide.

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