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Date: 20-04-2010 - URL:



NUPPPROW hosted UNI-Nigeria affiliate' meeting on the 5th of April, 2010.
20-04-2010 The UNI-Nigeria Liaison Council held their meeting at NUPPPROW secretariat. The meeting had in attendance the President and Secretary of all UNI affiliates in Nigeria.

Comrades put heads together, deliberated on way forward as to enhancing UNI-Nigeria visibility in UNIGLOBAL. Affiliates were implored to pay up affiliation fees and increase membership declaration.

Organizing challenge was aggressively addressed and led to setting up of committee.

The youth wing proposal on organizing workshop was mentioned and discussion on it was postponed till the next meeting.

The Chairman of the Council - Comrade G. T. Babalola and Comrade C. O. Adewunmi gave the report of World Executive meeting in Cairo.

The gathering unanimously agreed to buckle up and do whatever within their reach in preparation for the World Congress in Nagazaki.