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Promotion Interview is in progress

NIPOST Management commences promotion interview for eligible members of staff in the 36 territories of the Federation
20-04-2010 2009/2010 promotion interview is in progress. The interview which commences about two weeks ago with junior staff is now the turn of senior staff.

The union at the just concluded Central Working Committee (CWC) meeting in Ilorin commended the effort of NIPOST Management. The Union however, wants the Management to boost the morale of staffers through this exercise by:

i.   Make provision for training of the officers to be promoted to enhance their performance on the job.

ii.  The Union notes that the promotion exercise is for 2007, 2008 and 2009. hence, we call for seniority to be maintained through this exercise.

iii.   That the deadline for the release of the promotion interview’s result should not exceed August, 2010.

iv.   That all complaints arising from previous promotion exercises should be addressed through the current exercise.

v.    That the Union aligns herself with the pass-mark of 60%

vi.    That the gap between notional and actual promotion should not be more than six (6) months according to the Public Service Rules.

vii.   That Management in its magnanimity should consider the implementation of the contents of the circular on promotion waiver in this exercise to make more staffers promotable outside the declared Establishment vacancies.

That the Union is not happy that many staffers promoted in 2005 have not had their salaries connected to the payroll