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New Edition of Newslink Magazine

The long awaited Newslink Magazine of SSA-NIPOST, which serves as the platform to clarify convincing issues about reform and other information is out at last.
15-02-2010 Our members deserve to be fully informed on the developments that concern their future as stakeholders in the planned reform of the postal sector of our economy. It is in recognition of this onerous task and responsibility of the Senior Staff association that issue of postal reform dominated this edition of Newslink Magazine.

This edition is a special package. It understands the genesis, the short, medium and the long term implications of the postal sector reform.

We need to be futuristic hence the resolve of the union to collaborate with all concerned in the reform agenda with a view to securing the future of our teeming members. This is not to say that we are not cautious, our decision to collaborate is to ensure every step is rightly taken to avoid pitfalls.

The magazine is a very juicy one, full of content ranging from special interviews of the Management Team, report on the public hearing and the stand of the house unions on the Postal Sector Reform. This new edition of our newslink contains among others - Presidential message to all members, the score card from the Secretariat, news, health matters.

Copies of the magazine have been distributed to all the Thirty-Three Territories of the Federation. By this all the Chapters' Executive ensure it gets to every member.

We wish to reiterate that members have the privilege and the right to be heard through this medium. The Newslink Magazine welcomes your valuable contribution.

We promise not to leave you in the dark on issues that will secure our future and that of NIPOST.

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