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Unresolved Industrial Relation Issues

The Central Working Committee of SSACTAC registers its protest to the Management of NIPOST over 3months arrears of 15% increase in salaries.
05-02-2010 Further to a letter sent to the Management of NIPOST on the 18th of January,2010 on Promotion of deserving staff, the Central Working Committee of SSACTAC registers their protest on another unresolved industrial relation issue which is the payment of the arrears arising from 15% increase on salaries.

Contrary to the position reached in earlier discussions with the Management on the findings of the Staff Welfare Committee, these issues have remained unresolved till date.

SSACTAC hereby advises NIPOST Management to set up necessary body for a final review of the findings of the Staff Welfare Committee and effect its implementation within this first quarters of the year 2010.

The payment of 3months arrears on the 15% Federal Government directed increase in salaries should be paid to all concerned staff along with their staff salaries and allowances for February, 2010.

We are firmly of the view that you should take necessary action to see the issues resolved along the suggested line to avoid unnecessary bickering.

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