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Concerns over lingering landed properties and other asset of the organization

Issues of urgent attention

Labour as a partner in the growth and development of our organization wishes to bring these burning issues to the attention of the Postmaster General of the Federation and the Chief Executive Officer of NIPOST


These issues are as follows:


1.     TENANTS IN NIPOST HEADQUARTERS ANNEX, LAFIAJI: There appear to exist multiply tenancy, improper tenancy agreement which in our view may lead to loss of property and/or unnecessary legal tussle as in the case of Marina Car Park.


2.     NIPOST PROPERTIES: All NIPOST properties nationwide that were built on the basis of Build Occupy and Transfer (B.O.T) are now thorn on the flesh of NIPOST. For example General Post Office, Ilorin where the Developer has defaulted on the contractual agreement and much appear not to have been achieved in the recovery. Therefore, such further agreement be properly verified, documented and registered with appropriate agencies of government. Labour would like to be party to such agreement.


3.     NIPOST CAR PARK, MARINA: NIPOST seems to have lost the case of the ownership of the land marked “NIPOST CAR PARK” in front of General Post Office, Marina. We suggest that if the Legal Department of NIPOST is finding it difficult to handle the case, it should be transferred to Private Legal Practitioner for speedy and appropriate actions. We would like to midwife this proposal if accepted.


4.     NIPOST QUARTERS: Labour severally has mentioned about the illegal occupation of NIPOST quarters especially NIPOST quarters at MarineBeach, Lagos, where you have all manner of tenants who reduce the quarters to a deplorable state and makes it very dirty for human habitation. In Lagos, many NIPOST staff do not have accommodation, Labour therefore, wants Management to recover these quarters and re-allocate properly to deserving members of staff. This is also of interest to us.


5.     UNUTILIZED NIPOST LANDS IN TERRITORIES: There have been cases of encroachment on NIPOST acquired lands either by State Government or individuals. To check-mate this or outright threat or recovery by State Government, it is therefore our candid opinion that all undeveloped parcels of land should be enumerated, documented, properly registered and allocated to interested members of staff. This would avoid loss and recovery of such lands.


6.     NIPOST PENSION UNIT: We wish to draw your attention to the inability of Pension Unit of Corporate Service Division to document and compute the benefits of 2006/2007 exited members of staff.


7.     CONCLUSION: We will appreciate if these issues are given prompt and necessary attention required.


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