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The only woman that rose to the position of Deputy Postmaster General in the history of NIPOST retired after a meritorious service

The Deputy Postmaster General(T/A) retires

22-01-2010 The Deputy Postmaster General of Territorial Administration Division of Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST), the only woman that ever rose to such top position, an amiable and hardworking woman retired in December, 2009 after 35years of meritorious service to her father land.

Mrs. A. I Okoye had served in various capacity till some nine (9) years ago when she rose to the rank of DPMG (Deputy Postmaster General).

First Lady of NIPOST as fondly called was send forth on the 18th of December, 2009. Her good sterling qualities endeared her to the staff of Territorial Administration Division who on their own organized the befitting sendforth.

This well planned event had in attendance the Postmaster General/CEO, who inspite of his busy schedule found time to grace the occasion. Also, in attendance were the Deputy Postmaster Generals of other Division, the Area Postal Managers of Territories, the two in-house union - SSA-NIPOST and NUPTE and other well wishers.

Encomiums were showered on the retiring DPMG (T/A), who on her part thanked all and sundry for such a wonderful and honourable event which ended on aluta note.


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