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Executive Brief on the Advocacy Tour

Labour looked into the challenges facing the system and possibly proferring an enduring solution to the experiences.
In Nigerian Post, due to the global trends especially the economic meltdown and the evil effects of liberalization, commercial and or privatization of the Post; there is a noticeable drop in the quality of services rendered by the Post, terrible decline in mail volume traffic which is consequent upon the advent of the Information Technology advancement and the decrease in revenue profile resulting from competition in the Postal Industry coup with the activities of fake operators. These experiences raised questions in the minds of NIPOST Management and the members of the union were accused of not providing effective supervision in the work place hence the experiences. Labour on its part wanted to proof the truth or otherwise of management stand but above all wants to look at the challenges facing the system and possibly proffering an enduring solution to these experiences. A proposal was made by labour and management contributed her quota in the sponsorship of the tour.

A. South-East/South-South - 20th July – 24th July, 2009.

B. North-East - 29th June – 2nd July, 2009

C. South-West - 28th July – 3rd August, 2009

D. Lagos Zone - 4th August – 5th August, 2009

The tour was in sequence and as arranged above. The President of SSA-NIPOST – Comrade D. O. Apeh was there in all the locations together with at least three (3) members of the executive. The Interactive Sessions at each chapter was divided into two (2) phases: phase ‘1’ was the segment where members speak about the peculiar nature of challenges facing them and phase ‘ll’ was where the President gave members comprehensive explanations from management. The tour revealed similar challenges facing the operational systems in NIPOST.

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