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Report of UNI-Nigteria Youth Wing's Workshop Held on the 28th – 29th of Ootober, 2010.
20-06-2011 The 2-day workshop was organized by the Executives of UNI-Nigeria Youth Wing to develop the consciousness of young workers towards the imperative role of collectively building strong, virile and pro-active UNI Youth in Nigeria.

The workshop which participants were young members from the Fifteen (15) Affiliates of UNIGLOBAL in Nigeria was declared open by the Chairman (UNi-Nigeria Council) and UNIGLOBAL World Executive member – Comrade Gabriel Babalola. In his remark; he emphasized on the importance of the Youth to union which is the reason why UNIGLOBAL has created positions for them at the National, Regional and Global levels.

The President UNI-Nigeria Youth Wing – Comrade Ramota Adebayo in her Opening Speech implored the young members to show interest and actively involve themselves because the future is now and not someday. She charged the participants to cultivate spirit of volunteerism in order to be visible as young family member of UNI.

The workshop had the leadership of affiliates as its guests for the opening session and they all gave their fraternal messages to the group. After the exit of the guests, the workshop proceeded to work session.


DAY 1:  It started with a 1st lecture titled; LEADERSHIP CHALLENGES, this was facilitated by Comrade Gabriel Babalola (Chairman, UNI-Nigeria Council). The 2ndlecture – HISTORY OF TRADE UNION was taken by an external facilitator, a Veteran Activist in the country – Comrade Aremu.

‘INTRODUCING UNI’ was the last lecture of the day and was facilitated by the Youth President – Comrade Ramota Adebayo.  She projected UNI’s website to participants and we all navigated through various segments on the site.

The first day programme ended with a formation of two work groups with a topic to deliberate upon.

DAY 2:  Commenced with a recap of the previous day activities followed by Report Back from the work groups. Then, interactive moment where several issues bordering active participation of youth were tackled. The day’s lecture titled: BUILDING STRONG UNION WITH THE YOUTH was facilitated by the former UNI Africa Youth President – Comrade Solomon Adebosin.

Moreover, various discussion led to the drafting of the following 6points communiqué.

  • That the workshop should be a continuous event, which could be quarterly basis to promote active participation of UNI-Nigeria youth.


  • UNI-Nigeria should work together with NGO’s to promote the involvement of youth in unionism and youth activities.


  • UNI-Nigeria Youth Wing Executive should endeavor to penetrate all the units of UNIGLOBAL affiliates here in Nigeria to organize more members and to expand the network of UNI-Nigeria Youth.


  • UNI Nigeria Council should encourage the affiliates to give youth a chance to be part of the decision making organ of the unions.


  • There should be a fund for the Youth Wing to execute their programmes and projects.


  • That the Youth be given a Labour Training at one of the Labour Institute in the country.

CONCLUSION:  Participants express their gratitude to their union for giving them the opportunity to be part of the workshop and pledged to see themselves as UNI Youth Ambassador in their respective organizations henceforth.


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