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Union History


The Union was started  1st October, 1946 by Asians community to represent workers in the Press by then it was called Printing Decorators and Painters and the General Secretary was Mr. R.J.V. Patel

Later in the same year,  December,1946 the name changed to Typrographical Union of Kenya and elections were held and Mr. Gerald Olola became the new General Secretary after defeating Mr. Patel. Mr. Gerald served the Union for a short period and was replaced by a Mr. Wilson Ec. Mukuna as the General Secretary.

In 1980, the Union name was changed to Kenya Union of Printing,Publishing,Packaging and Paper Manufacturers to accomodate more workers who were in the Graphical Sector in Kenya.

So far the Union has had a number of General Secretaies as follows:-

    1. R.V.Patel
    2. Wilson Ec. Mukuna
    3. Clement K. Lubembe
    4. John Bosco Semali
    5. Rajabu Wellington Mwondi- who is the current General Secretary


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