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About us





We would want to be a classic Trade Union which defends the


 Interest of all the workers in the Printing, Publishing, Packaging


and Paper Manufacturing sectors and promote their well being






Through our Activities we shall improve their working Environment,


Terms and Conditions of Service and by doing so we shall uplift


their well fare and boost their moral at work



 (a)       The aims and objects of the union are -

  • To regulate and improve relations between employees and employers and employees and employees engaged in the trade and industries
  • To secure complete organization within the union of all persons employed in Printing,Publishing,Paper manufacturers,packaging and other related industries like,stationery shops,photo studios, etc
  •  To make every endeavour to obtain just and proper rates of wages,Working hours and other conditions of employment, to negotiate and promote the settlement of disputes arising between employees and Employers and between employees and employees by conciliation, arbitration or otherwise, and generally to safeguard the interests of the members.

  • To establish and maintain funds by means of entrance fees, voluntary Contributions, subscriptions, levies and borrowing on such security and such terms as may from time to time be arranged by the Central Council.
  • To endeavour to provide and seek facilities for members to obtain Training in their work.


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