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All workers are supposed to know the enviroment they work in at the workplaces.

The study shows that alot of workers carry workplace diseases to their houses and in this way we see that we pass on infections to our members of family without knowing.

At the workplace make sure that the following measures are in place

    1. The machines have-guards,well serviced and in good condition before operations
    2. All faulty machines are reported on time,
    3. Have your Personal Protective Clothing on
    4. Make sure the machines you are working with are not congested
    5. Make sure the room has proper ventilation
    6. When you are working with glue,dyes or grease make sure you wash your hands before eating
    7. Keep all the waste materials in a dust bin
    8. Dont smoke when operating a machine
    9. Have warning signs posted in danger zones
    10. Do keep your working place clean to avoid the following;-fall from wet floors,spread of diseases or germs 



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