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Ministry of Health in conjuction with IBFAN (international Baby Food Action Network had organised a workshop to create awareness on importance of Breastfeeding. 


This year the theme for World Breastfeeding week,2008 is MOTHER SUPPORT : GOING FOR THEGOLD., Mother support is any support provided  to mothers for the purpose of improving breastfeeding practices for both mother and infant and young child.

The workshop had the following objective:

    • To create awarness on the importance of breastfeeding
    • To enhance understanding on the issues of maternity protection
    • The role of employers in promoting, protecting and supporting breastfeeding
    • To have an understanding on global gains in implementing Convention 183

WORLD BREASTFEEDING WEEK, 1ST -7THAUG,08,offers an opportunity for people worldwide to join together in celebration and action in support of breastfeeding.In 1992,the World Alliance for Breastfeedomg Action (WABA) launched the first World Breastfeeding Week(WABA) on the theme of the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative.

This year World Breastfeeding Week focuses on enabling working women to breastfeed.According to the Innocenti Declaration,optimal breastfeeding means that 'all women should be enabled to practise exclusive breastfeeing and all infants should be fed exclusively on breastmilk from birth to six months. thereafter,children should continue to be breastfed while receiving appropriate and adequate complementary foods for up to two years of age or beyound'.

 Trade Unions can negotiate-

    •  For better working enviroment-safe from Occupational hazards especialy for breastfeeding mothers
    • Adequate paid maternity leave to allow mothers to stay longer with the baby
    • Time off for breastfeeding
    • Create alliances with international labour federations and peoples's organisations to support the rights of breastfeeding workers

"Every Mother is a working woman. Lets support Breastfeeding Mother to practise EXCLUSIVE BREASTFEEDING FOR SIX MONTHS'











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