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Date: 03-12-2008 - URL:


general news updates







For quite some time CASWUZ has been battling to keep the Union operational.





 As one of the four UNI affiliates, CASWUZ hosted UNI-Africa sponsored missions.  Thanks for the intervention from UNI-Global Affiliates who have timeuosly come to our rescue.






The prime objectives of these very important missions were to access the impact of the situation of Labour Unions in Zimbabwe and seek amicable solutions. 






The visits were highly a success as demonstrated by solidarity messages coming from across the Globe and material/financial resources provided.












The economic situation continues to deteriorate, hence, Unions are now forced to demand salaries/wages in foreign currency because the hyper-inflation has reached unprecedented levels which is currently hovering around 232 million percent.






People’s hopes of an early political settlement, which was viewed as the only possible option to solve the various challenges caused by the melting down of the economy is fast evaporating into thin air as politicians continue bickering about who should control what, while workers and the masses continue to suffering.











Banks were given a directive by the Reserve Bank which is causing a lot of hardships to people’s lives in Zimbabwe. Whether you have money or not in the bank it becomes the same thing because you can’t take it.






 There is cash shortage in the banks, whereby people are only allowed to withdraw cash limit of ZW$500 000, 00 per day, which is not even enough to pay for a single trip to and fro home.





 This scenario has forced Labour Unions to come together and plan to stage a countrywide demonstration led by Lovemore Matombo the ZCTU President (who is also CASWUZ President) demanding the access of salaries in the bank accounts.











The health delivery system has collapsed. 






 Major hospitals have closed down due, to lack of drugs, running clean tap water and protective clothing in hospitals.



 We are now faced with a situation whereby there is an outbreak of Cholera in the country. People are dying yet they have money in their accounts.