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Date: 30-07-2008 - URL:


Women in ZUFIAW rising to the challenge

ZUFIAW National Women intensifies training of women

The ZUFIAW National Women's Committee has intensfied its training programs for District Women in order to ensure that women's participation in the Union is both enhanced and nurtured. The National Women Committee has had a vigorous education program targeting district women countrywide. The education seminars have been fully funded by the Union and have been aimed at equipping women with the much needed skills to assist them effectively and efficiently handle issues relating to women workers in their respective institutions.


So far, all Chairpersons have ben trained. The Secretaries were next to receive training and only recently, a combined group of Rank and File and Committee Members were trained at a two day residential seminar held in Lusaka.

Participants to these seminars are taught among other issues, understanding human and labour rights; collective bargaining skills, leadership skills and qualities, roles and functions of the women's committee and how to conduct trade union meetings.

The evaluations from these seminars indicates that women are grasping the information and showing eagerness to get more involved in the Union.

Union General Secretary, Joyce Nonde has expressed happiness at the enormous participation and involvement of women in the Union; she noted that during her recent countrywide visits to the districts, it was very evident that the women were far much more organised the men and were equally more active in terms of organisation and recruitment.