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Salary Deductions during TKL Strike

Telkom (K) Ltd Employees go to court

After the Telkom Kenya Employees went on strike they received two pay slips, one without deduction dated October ,22 2014 and 2nd pay slip with deduction dated October 23,2014.

This is an unfair labour practice, because the union and management of Telkom Kenya signed an agreement dated October 14,2014..... signed agreement.

TELKOM Kenya employees, under Communication Workers Union, will go to court after the management withheld their salary following a strike.

The Union General Secretary Mr. Benson Okwaro said a seven-day pay deduction was made on their pay.

“This goes against the agreement signed before the conciliator appointed by the Ministry of La-bour,” Okwaro said during an interview with the Star.

On Friday (24th Oct. 2014), the union reported the disputed issue to the Labour ministry.

Two weeks ago, Telkom workers went on strike over discrimination in awarding performance bonuses.

The union said members were awarded Kshs. 2,000 while top management received between Kshs. 30,000 to Kshs. 1 million.

The union accused the management of continuous harassment and intimidation, particularly at the Call Centre.The union called off the strike after its representatives and Telkom management signed a return-to-work formula in the presence of Labour ministry officials.