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The Gender Desk of ICU has inaugurated the Times Ladies Association

The Gender Desk of ICU has inaugurated the Times Ladies Association. The New Times Corporation is probably the second largest Print media house in Ghana. The Times Ladies, as they prefer to be called, will help address women’s issue at the enterprise level and also organise programmes that will educate other women in Ghana on things that affect them as workers and mothers of the country.

A seven member executive committee was sworn into office to steer the affairs of the Association to make sure that the purpose of its formation is realised to a successful end. These officers will be in office for a period of four years.

During the inauguration, Sister Marku Vondee, a principal industrial Relations officer of ICU advised the ladies that today’s trade union activities  are  not limited to only men and that they need to take active role to making sure that they get the full benefits of Trade Unionism, and for that matter what ICU has in store for them.

Jenifer Taylor, a Principal Industrial Relations officer in charge of Gender activities in ICU urged the Times Ladies to actively get involved in building a better Ghana, by making their voices heard positively.  She was of the view that anytime Ghana is praised in West Africa and beyond as having good stock of human resources, they should know that indirectly they the people who are being praised for the role they have played in bringing the country to that level, and that as mothers, and workers at the same time, the task at hand is a difficult one and it calls for putting in place effective realistic strategies to be able to manage the home and the work at the same time.

She advised that so much power lies in education and that it will be a serious mistake for them to fail to help educate other women who have very little knowledge about trade unionism and the rights of the female worker.  

Sister Jenifer advised that Ghana can appropriately fight and win the battle against HIV if women take active role in the campaign for having safe sex as a tool against the disease.