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Date: 20-07-2009 - URL:



The Education Department of ICU has organised a workshop for members at the two habour cities of Ghana ,Tema and Takoradi.

These workshops brought together Twenty participants made up of three (6) females and six (14) males drawn from Tex Styles Company Limited and Cocoa Processing Company Limited Takoradi Flour Mills, Ghumco, Quality Control Division of Cocobod, Cocoa Marketing Company and West Africa Mills Company (WAMCO) .


The topics for the workshops included the following:

ˇ        Collective Bargaining Negotiations

ˇ        Safety and health Committee at the workplace.

ˇ        HIV/AIDS


Participants were taken through a short briefing on the concept of the Study Circle as there were two new persons from Cocoa Processing Company at Tema and Takoradi Flour Mills at Takoradi.


The method used was the participatory or practical (Role Play). Participants were put into three groups of employers, Union and the third group as the observers.


Participants understood at the end of the programme that   matters concerning Safety and Health are something that must be handled with utmost care and that, every Local Union Executives help their managements to make it a policy of setting up a safety and health committee at the workplace with both management and union as members.  Local Union Executives and shop stewards were also charged with the responsibility of educating their members on the appropriate usage of safety gadgets and also the consequences of failing to use such gadgets.

On the issue of HIV/AIDS, participant agreed that it should be a workplace topic and that workers should make sure that people with HIV are not discriminated against. The issue of workers being faithful to their partners was stressed. Almost every participant understood the need to remain faithful to their partners to help stop the spread of the disease.