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The employees of Ghana International Air lines have joined the Industrial and Commercial Workers Union (ICU). 
ICU Says no to PURC
(Open letter to Energy Minister, Trade and Employment Minister)

THE Industrial and commercial Workers’ Union (ICU) Ghana has noted with great surprise the recent astronomical increases in utility tariffs announced by the Public Utility Regulatory Commission (PURC), effective June 1, 2010 without exhaustive discussion with the stakeholders in this crucial matter.


ICU Fear 5,500 Job Losses
THE INDUSTRIAL AND COMMERICAL WORKERS’ UNION (ICU) – GHANA has added its voice to the recent increases in utility tariffs, saying failure for a d drastic downward review will lead to several job losses
The seminar started with the IUF Project coordinator welcoming participants from the five regions participating in the seminar which aims at enlightening them on some aspects of the labour laws in Ghana


The 1st UNI-frica Professional and Managerial staff (P&MS) conference took place in Darker, Senegal from 23-24 October 2009 in the conference Hall of Hotel Ndiambour in the heart of Dakar.

Arguably, one wise saying that is common and probably known to every Ghanaian is the saying that “knowledge is power”, attributed to Francis Bacon, the Irish-born British figurative painter. To be a trade Unionist is synonymous with being ready to acquire knowledge

If you have ever seen an army of ants building an ant hill you will understand the power of unity and its associated benefits and you will more than agree with W. Durant when he said that


“A great civilisation is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within”




he ICU has organized a seminar for its field officers on the new pension scheme for Ghana. The four day seminar which was held in the Public Workers Union Centre at Kumasi from the 1 September to 4 September 2009 brought together all its field officers from across the country.


There is an African proverb that says - “knowledge is like the baobab tree; No one person can embrace it”. This proverb also tries to tell us that human wisdom is so great that it would be presumptuous and probably arrogant of any one person to claim to have mastered it all.

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