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Why join us?

Why join us
Membership Benefits

 Members are entitled to: -
ˇ Better terms and conditions of services among many that shall be negotiated between the Union and management.
. Good effective Collective Bargaining Agreements.
ˇ Scheduled overtime
ˇ Leave traveling allowances
ˇ House allowances
ˇ Danger allowances
ˇ Burial allowances
ˇ Disturbance allowances
ˇ Mileage allowances
ˇ Hardship allowances
ˇ Car loans
ˇ Domestic appliances loan i.e. refrigerators, furniture, cookers, T.V and other related items
ˇ Owner occupier House allowance
ˇ House purchase loan
ˇ Agricultural land purchase loan and many others.

Job Security
ˇ Employees are entitled to retirement benefits i.e. pension, NSSF, NHIF and gratuity after period of employment with the firms.
ˇ Continued protected employment by both the employment act.
ˇ Good working environment as may from time to time be negotiated between employer and Union.

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