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About us

About us
We are an Industrial Trade Union movement registered by the Kenya Government. We represent workers in the Telecommunications Industries in the Country and those involved in the Postal and mail services. Currently our major organizations engaged in such services include Telkom Kenya Limited, Postal corporation of Kenya and mobile telephone providers such as Safaricom Kenya – a subsidiary of Vodafon and Celtel Kenya Limited. We are expecting a few more mobile telephone operators to open up in the country in the near future.
Our mission and vision
Objectives of the union
Our main objectives are: -
  1. To improve conditions of service of the members and to make every endeavor to obtain just and proper rates of pay, working hours and other conditions of employment, to negotiate and promote the settlement of dispute arising between members and their employers themselves by conciliation, arbitration or otherwise and generally to safeguard the interest of the members.
  2. To regulate and improve relations between the Telecommunications Organizations, Postal & Allied Industries as the employer and the members as specified in rule 3(a) of these rules.
  3. To secure complete organization with the Union of all persons employed by COMMUNICATION INDUSTRY, TELECOMMUNICATIONS ORGANISATIONS, MOBILE PHONE SERVICE PROVIDERS, POSTAL AND ALLIED INDUSTRY as specified in rule 3(a) of these rules.
  4. To promote the material, social and educational welfare and to endeavor to provide and seek facilities for members to obtain training in their work in any lawful manner which the Quinquennial Conference or the Executive Committee may from time to time deem expedient.
  5. To establish and maintain funds by means of entrance fee, voluntary contributions, subscriptions levies and by borrowing on such security and such terms as may from time to time be arranged by the Executive Committee.
  6. To seek and obtain legal advise and any other assistance on matters affecting the Union, or for protecting the rights of a member or members on matters arising out of the relations with COMMUNICATIONS INDUSTRIES, TELECOMMUNICATION ORGANISATIONS, MOBILE PHONE SERVICE PROVIDERS, POSTAL & ALLIED WORKERS INDUSTRY, provided that the Executive Committee shall have the sole right to decide whether or not such legal advice or assistance is in the best interest of the union or members concerned.
  7. To affiliate with Central Organization of Trade Unions (Kenya) as well as affiliating with the International body as may be deemed expedient by the Executive Committee.
  8. To collect and circulate among members of the union such statistical and other information concerning all matters affecting the union and to print, publish and issue such papers, periodical books conducive to any of these objects.
  9. To acquire either by purchase, lease or otherwise, for the purpose of carrying out its lawful activities, any movable or immovable property or other assets and to sell, let. Mortgage or charge or otherwise deal with or dispose off movable property belonging to the Union.

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