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Letter to the C.E.O Telkom Kenya

Voluntary Early Retirement


OurRef:COWU/TKL/10/72/2008                            23rdOctober2008

 The Chief Executive Officer

 Telkom Kenya Limited

 P.O. Box 3031


Dear Sir,



 Many issues are currently being discussed on this matter among Telkom (K) staff. We have also seen your communication to staff on the same through your bulletin to them on the 18th October 2008.


As a Union we are disturbed because you have decided to take actions that definitely are a violation of parties’ agreements, both the CBA and the recognition. In the parties recognition agreement, memorandum of agreement section 4, states that “In all matter pertaining to remuneration and conditions of service, the company accords full recognition to the Trade Union as the sole representative of such part of the staff as the Trade Union represents in accordance with its constitution as and provided for in the consultative and negotiation machinery as set from time to time”.


Section II states and we quote that “The company agrees that no alterations to remuneration or conditions of service of the staff shall be made without prior consultations with the Union”. Your communication to members on the 18th before you consulted with the Union is a violation to the parties’ agreement. We see this as an attack on the Union which is unfortunate as you are aware this Union has previously supported the company on the restructuring of the company.


We have received communication from the office of the Chief H/R inviting us for a meeting to discuss the same on 4th November 2008. For what reason would the whole management team led by you criss cross the country to lure members to accept to take a voluntary early retirement if not to intimidate them. I had an opportunity to share a platform with Mrs. Mary Kitta Nalianya when she addressed members at Peponi Road offices this morning and the message she is giving is pure intimidation and this must stop.


We respect the desire of the company as a business concern to set their targets, but the target must be reasonable and achievable. You just don’t set targets deliberately to push employees out. Targets must also be measurable.

As we have told you before, this Union has been cooperative and is ready to cooperate so long as we operate within the statutes and so long as we respect employees’ rights. These employees have met your standards in the last 11 months you have been around, why should you think that this time around they will not be able to meet the standards. We have qualified staff, who can meet the challenge and they have been tested. All we need to do is to appreciate staff, who we have talked to and for those of us in the know have their mindset changed are willing to work.

Finally, Dominique, as I have told you before, this company requires support to do its business and any negative publicity which you appear to be entertaining is not in the interest of the company. Let us do consultations on matters affecting employees let us provide incentives and you will achieve your targets. We have done it before and we can do it today. I assure you that intimidation will not help.





















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