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About us

About us

Caswuz is a member driven organization.

It is now common cause that CASWUZ lost 60% of its members as a result of a protracted politically motivated Labour dispute engaged on the 6th October 2004.  To date the Union has been struggling to grow its membership base.

Its core objects are to:-
  • protect workers’ rights and advance the common interests of its members
  • endeavour to obtain and maintain its members’ security of employment,  proper conditions  of service and to improve members’ status.

Membership is open to all persons working in the Communications Industry/Sector comprising:-
  • Postals,
  • Telecommunications
  • Broadcasting
  • Internet providers
  • Data capturing
  • Computer Networks
  • E-mails providers and all work related to transmission and processing of messages.

Negotiations are done at Company level on a monthly basis.  Agreements are entered to and registered through a Registered National Employment Council for the Communications and Allied Services Industry, in accordance with the provisions of the Labour Act (Chapter 28:01). 

CASWUZ provide Worker Education on:
  • Codes of Conduct
  • Health and Safety
  • Collective Bargaining
  • Regulations Governing Labour at Workplaces and Workers Committee functions.

  • Assistance in establishing and Training Company Liaison Negotiating Committees.
  • Setting up Company/Local Hearing Committees and training of Workers’ representative in Grievance Handling Procedures.
  • On and above representation and assistance given on issues pertaining to Collective Agreements and Grievance Handling the Union offers professional legal representation through reputable Legal Practitioners specializing in Labour matters.


(a)Benevolent Fund –Funded and administered by the Union – relief provided during times of economic hardships or bereavement at low cost 14% per annum.

(b)Membership of Savings and Credit Co-operative which gives loans three times total members’ savings after saving for twelve months at an interest rate of 14%.

(c)Termination of Service Scheme membership whereby a retiring, dismissed, deceased member and or one who resigns has each member of the Union contributing a send off cheque tax free


CASWUZ Constitution provides for Associate membership to the above-mentioned category.

Membership enables you to access to all benefits, products and services offered by the Union as well as members to Union Network International (UNI) Global, Professional and Managerial Staff Grouping. UNI is a Global Union Federation which has nearly 1000 affiliated Unions in 140 countries around the World representing more than 15 million members.  CASWUZ is an Affiliate of UNI


   Box 739
   Tel: 263 4 797463     FAX:  263 4 791239

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