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Date: 12-05-2009 - URL:




On 7-9 April 2009 CASWUZ National Executive Council held a Strateigic Planning Workshop following the release of financial resources.

The target of this very important workshop were members of the National Executive Council. The Board which manages the affairs of the Union on a daily basis. 


To examine and discuss the change process environment under which Trade Unions are currently operating in Zimbabwe and develop Union,s way forward in regards to the fate of workers unfairly dismissed during the 6th October 2004 collective job action and deteriorating conditions of service affecting those at work.

Taking into account the level of participation vis-a-vi the target group, one may safely say the workshop objectives were fully achieved.

The evaluation process reaveled that most of the grey areas, in terms of short comings sighted. on resource documents were adequately addressed during the course of discussions.  As a result the NEC resolved to develop to develop a comprehensive Sectorial Collective Agreement which is currently absent inthe Sector represented by CASWUZ.

Lastly, the Union would like to recognise the important role played by both our principle contact persons, Ntokozo and Herbert for without their relentless efforts our Workshop would have remained a pipe dream.