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The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions has expressed concern over the lack of interest by Employers, government included, in awarding workrs Poverty Datum Line (PDL) linked salaries.

This comes against the backdrop of Employers in the majority of industries resisting any salary adjustments, for example, in the timber industry where employers have refused workers an increament of 60 percent that will see workers earning at least $110.


This behaviour is unaaeptable given the fact that the figurs of $110 is a far cry from the PDL that stands at $500,00 and the conduct is reflected across all industries where eployers are refusing to pay PDL linked salaries.

The Union said itis unsettled because workerss are being paidslave wages while company executives swim in luxury as they are awarded out of the world perks.

If indeed companies do not have money tp pay workers, this should also be mirrored by the salaries tha executives in various comanies are earning.

The Labour movement said it will not accept that companies are incapable of paying decent salaries yet executives  have five digit salaries, have access to free and unlimited fuel, unlimited cellphone allowances, have three or four vehicles at their disposal, have their children's school fees paid at private schools and they can go on a fully paid holiday with their families.


The Zimbabwe Congress said they are simply calling for everyone to equitably shoulder the burden of the country,s crisis and not for one group of people to bwnwfit from the sweat and toil of ordinary workers.

It is high time the the contributions these workers are making to the country's economy is recognised.

The average minimum wage remains around $100,00 but some workers especially in farming areas are earning meagre salaries as low as $10,00. 

This is unacceptable given the fact that these workers need to make ends meet and need at least $500,00 to live.


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