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Why join us?

Amalgamated Transport and General Workers' Union (ATGWU) helps thousands of its members with a wide range of different  day to day workplace problems.  We protect you from unfair treatment in the workplace and improve your job security and welfare.  

ATGWU is an independent and democratic organisation that is run and managed by workers themselves. It represents workers to their employers when they are at work. By joining ATGWU, you are mandating us to negotiate your terms and conditions of service on your behalf.

ATGWU’s crucial role is defending workers' jobs, pay and conditions, acting to improve working conditions.  We play a big role in:

  • Representing our members at local, national and international levels
  • We negotiate with employers on behalf of our members.
  • We carry out research on a number of issues that affect workers and we disseminate the findings
  • We train and educate our members in trade union and labour market issues.
  • We participate in a number of decision making bodies as your representatives.
  • We provide legal advise and accompany you to a disciplinary hearing and represent you if you are in dispute with your employers
  • We collaborate and network with a number of labour unions and civil society organisations in:
      • The protection and promotion of workers and human rights,
      • Fight against corruption, HIV/AIDS and other issues that affect workers.

ATGWU will actively involve you in promoting social change, and if politics is your bag then ATGWU is a good place to hone your debating, negotiating and campaigning skills.

ATGWU will usually get you as member to vote on any significant decision, so you'll have a chance to influence what the union does. Further more, ATGWU is often active in a number of local and global campaigns; so you could find yourself attending meetings, rallies and even become a union representative yourself.

If you belong to ATGWU, we will be able to offer help with any difficulties related to work, such as your pay, hours of work, sexual harassment, grievance handling, leave, discrimination, working conditionsand unfair dismissalto mention but a few.

Please join us or a union of your choice. Unity is strength as united we stand, divided we fall.


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