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Happy New Year

New Year's Message

ATGWU wishes you all a HAPPY and PROSPEROUS 2009. It is our wish that you will continue enjoying good health and success throughout the year.

Once again we would like to recognise and appreciate your continued support for the Union and its activities. It is this support that makes ATGWU successful in serving its members. We take pride in the humble achievements and progress we recorded in 2008, more so the hosting of this website by UNI and pledge to continue championing the struggle for improved conditions of work and protection of workers' rights as we promote decent work agenda.

We know that in order to achieve this, your cooperation, support and dedication are very important. We, therefore, call upon you to take a lot of interest in ATGWU’s activities and become vigilant in everything you do, especially while performing your duties.

Unity is strength


 My ATGWU and I,Moving Together




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